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Virtual Drive
Teen Driver Education Course- Learn more

Virtual Drive Course Packet is a complete and comprehensive Driver Education Software course.

32 hours - 52 hours (depending on your state) of online classroom instruction plus 14 to 55 hours behind the wheel training

Who qualifys to help instruct the student?

Any parent, grandparent, step-parent, step-grandparent and/or legal guardian.

Active Military US military personnel and their spouse may participate as instructors if they hold a valid license from their state of permanent residence or last duty station.

However, in some states an additional 6 hours in car instruction from a state certified instructor is additionally necessary. Click on the box above and select your state to find out your requirements.

Why Online Driver Education?

Online driver education has quickly become the most popular method of teaching driver education.

Many choose online driver education simply because it has shown dramatic improvments in the accident rates of teen drivers when compared the current national and state averages.

There are so many online courses available. What are the differences?

it can sometimes can seem overwhelming with the amount of websites offering Driver education, be careful: MOST are not approved in your state. At USA DMV you can rest assured you are getting the correct information.

Is Parent taught allowed in my state?

Currently all but a few states have adopted online driver educationt programs. while legislation is quickly moving forward most of the others. If you have a question about your state feel free to contact the folks at Virtual Drive directly at 1-888-241-0896.

Actual DMV Practice Tests:
-links to all 50 states providing state specifice training and actual practice tests for your state..

Adult Driver Education.- when only a refresher course and practice DMV test are needed.

Teen Driver Education - state approved by DMV / DPS / DVM / & DOT! Dedicated to Risk reduced Driving! Good for Insurance discounts

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