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Learner Permit test - DMV practice exams

Get online, not in line. USA DMV promotes safety and education by providing easy access to your state and local government operations online. You will find current information and links to help you practice and obtain your learner permit, driver's license, learner permit practice DMV test, and/or insurance discount you are needing in your state.

USA DMV is your one stop for information about getting your driver's license, your learner permit, or your online DMV learner permit practice driver test for all 50 states. We make it simple, so when you arrive at the DMV you are properly prepared for the test to get your learner permit or driver's license.
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Here are some tips to know before you head down to your local DMV to get your learner's permit. practice

Documentation required for the Learner Permit - The DMV test in each state has different rules and requirement for getting a learners permit. Make sure you have all the documentation required for getting your learners permit or driver's license before you head down to your local DMV. This will save you time and frustration.

Generally for your learners permti you will need one of the following, an original US birth certificate, certified copy of the US birth certificate (with embossed state seal), US certificate of birth registration, certified copy of court records (for adoption, name changes, etc.), certified naturalization records, immigration card or a Valid Passport must be presented. More identification requirement information can be found here. Hospital issued birth certificates are not acceptable.

Non US citizens must present original, non-expired immigration documents. See the link at the top of the page.

Applicants must know their social security number, but the original social security card is normally not required. An online verification (first name, last name, date of birth and social security number) with the social security records system is completed prior to issuing the permit.

DMV Driver's License Tests- Most states you will have to pass some form of testing to obtain a driver's license or learner permit. Click on your DMV state above to find out what tests your state requires. Most state's require the following: Vision, Knowledge, and road skills tests.

1. Vision-It is very important to have good vision while driving. If you wear glasses or contacts make sure you bring them with you to the DMV.

2. Knowledge-Is a written test about state specific laws and rules of the road

3. Road Skills-Is a driving test were you drive with a DMV examiner in the car with you.

Driver's Education- Make sure you know you states driver’s education requirement for getting a learners permit or new license. You might need to show proof of completion of driver's ed to the DMV. Especially if you are under 18 years of age. Click on your state above to find out more about your states specific requirements.

Hours/Appointments- Check your local DMV for their hours of operation. In most states the DMV will take or require appointments. Call ahead this will save you valuable time.

Proof of liability- You will need to show proof of current liability insurance on your vehicle.


Actual DMV Learners Permit Practice Tests:
-links to all 50 states providing state specific training and actual practice test for your state..

Adult Driver Education.- when only a refresher course and practice tests are needed.

Teen Driver Education - state approved Dedicated to Risk reduced Driving! Good for Insurance discounts from 5% to 15% depending on your carrier.

To Find National Traffic and Road Closure Information for all 50 states.
Searcn the Department of Transportation's (DOT) website under "traffic info". They provide up to date traffic and road conditions information.

You can also find information at the DOT's website about Occupant Protection. Or you can simply go on the NHTSA website. They also deal with passenger and pedestrian safety.

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